Forget about Darfur?

The general feeling today is that, after peaking in 2005, the conflict known as the “War in Darfur” came to an end. Here is a screen shot of Wikipedia page, war in Darfur.

But a recent post by  Amnesty International’s Christoph Koettl suggests that the recent referendum has replaced the violence in Darfur in the international spotlight, yet the attacks remain a problem.

Amnesty’s Science for Human Rights Program  captured satellite imagery of the continued violence.

The evidence calls for a reiteration of the fact that though the focus has shifted from the region in western Sudan, reporters must continue coverage of the issue until it completely dissolves.

Another Amnesty International report documents just how much the attacks by the government military forces has increased. The report, written before the referendum vote in January, called for the focus of the government in south Sudan to remain on human rights issues.

The referendum has passed, but much remains unanswered as to what action will actually be taken and in how much time. An estimated 20,000 displaced civilians in Darfur have been displaced since December 2010. The violations of international law are very much a reality in Sudan today.



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