Africa battles

A recent article by Ali Mazrui for The Guardian revisited Kwame Nkrumah‘s idea of “Pakistanism” – dividing nations over religious disputes.

Southern Sudan is no different than the rest of the continent of Africa, thousands of tribes vying over land organization. Southern Sudan did, however, succeed in passing the referendum for secession.

Mazrui wasn’t quite optimistic of the situation in Sudan today. He named two main causes of conflict in Africa since colonization by European countries in the late 19th century: conflict of identity (Hutus v. Tutsi in Rwanda) and conflict over resources (Niger Delta).

Southern Sudan is becoming Africa’s newest nation, but for only so long, Mazrui hinted. He noted the identity conflict that continues in the Darfur region.

Sudan isn’t the first case where tribes have relocated boundaries in Africa, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Mazrui’s article in the Guardian’s Sudan section


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