Meet the Reporter

My name is Taylor W. Anderson.

As a professional journalist, I have tried to garner skills in all aspects of the media realm. The generation of journalists to which I belong has been met with negativity and has changed faster than many of us could have even imagined as of four years ago – when I entered The University of Montana School of Journalism.

I’ve studied broadcast radio and TV, taken photos, and have published works in different print outlets. With these skills in hand, my only hope is that I can remain optimistic, and that I will succeed in my duties as a journalist.

I have chosen to plan a trip into Southern Sudan, which will likely become the world’s newest nation after 99-percent of voters decided on a referendum to split the Arab North from the Christian South. The problems that will inevitably arise – from a realist standpoint – will be worth noting and hold various economic, humanitarian, and violent aspects that the world must watch.



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