Civil War

Civil War Times Story Idea
19300 Promenade Drive
Leesburg, VA 20176-6500

April 25, 2011

Dear Civil War Times Story Idea:

There was a time when the people in the Southern part of a country fought the people from the North.

The North was powerful and rich. Its government’s pockets were lined with cash from the South, and it fought with military blitzes and burned villages to kill the southerners.

Much like the American Civil War, the Sudan Civil War (1983–2005) involved differing groups of people that shared the same land border. The Sudan People’s Liberation Army fought against the Government of Sudan.

The conflicts between the Christians tribes of the South and the Arabs of the North met at the border of the two, near Abyei in South Kurdufan. The loss of life during this war, known as the Second Sudanese Civil War, was an estimated 1.9 million people, and many were civilians.

I’d like to travel from Juba, where I’ll be stationed during my trip to Sudan, to Abyei in search of a family that lost members both in the North and South. It would be interesting to parallel the wars and their outcomes and consequences, which I think fits your readers’ collective tastes, in a 2,000-word non-fiction narrative story.

As a freelance journalist, I’ve covered news for a regional weekly in southwestern Montana, the Big Sky Weekly, lacrosse for MCLA magazine and sports for theMontana Kaimin. I supplemented studies at The University of Montana School of Journalism with creative writing and media arts courses and know how to use a pen and camera. I now wish to take my talents into the African continent, which has in large part lacked in news coverage.


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