South Sudan Prisons

April 25, 2011

No time for hard crime 



South Sudan is a great place to be a pedophile, if you’re into that sort of thing.

That’s because the crime often goes unpunished by police. My partner, (now located in Democratic Republic of Congo), said that a guard for her humanitarian work delivering seeds in South Sudan during the rainy season had been to prison in 2009 for impregnating a young girl, a feat he’s accomplished six times, yet he’s been working for the Food Security program for months.

Crafting a country means more than writing a constitution. It means controlling your people and keeping them safe from violence, so I think a 1,500-word profile of a prison in South Sudan after July 1 would resonate well with your readership.

A government cannot effectively control its people if those that fill the prisons should be freed, while those that reek havoc outside its walls walk free. Those that are inside the prisons are often treated inhumanely.  South Sudan has been debating what to do with its prisons since a speedy building period after the civil war. I think watching the Southern Sudan Prisons Service’s actions in its first few months will go a long way in unveiling the future new state.

As a freelance journalist, I’ve covered news for a regional weekly in southwestern Montana, the Big Sky Weekly, lacrosse for MCLA magazine and sports for theMontana Kaimin. I supplemented studies at The University of Montana School of Journalism with creative writing and media arts courses and know how to use a pen and camera. I now wish to take my talents into the African continent, which has in large part lacked in news coverage.


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