It’s time to pack a suitcase. And as I’m not one to frequent the shower or change clothes, I should be packing relatively light.

Five shirts.

Three pairs of pants.

Two pairs of shoes.

Five pairs of socks.

Two bandannas.

Five pairs of boxer briefs.



Nikon camera.

Two Nikon camera batteries.

Computer. Portable computer charger. Mobile Internet plugin.

Satellite phone. Sat phone portable charger. Sat phone DC charger. Backup sat phone battery.

20 pens.

20 reporters’ notebooks.

$5,000 cash.

Aspirin, calamine lotion, mosquito net, bug spray, First Aid safety kit.

One dress suit with pants, shirt and tie.

Condoms for bribing people in the HIV/AIDS plagued region.

One carton of Marlboro cigarettes for bribing people.


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